I can't want this more for you, than you want it for yourself. How committed are you to your growth?

The only thing I ask of my clients is that you are serious about adding new practices to your life, that you show up on time and that you show up fully.

I'll assist you in many areas of your life including your goals, relationships, business, spirituality, friendships and money. I hold the space for you to explore what's working in your life, what needs to shift and how we can create the life you desire with ease, joy, and abundance along the journey.

Relationship Coaching

Helping you two to connect on a deeper level, trust, love and thrive. Shed the shit that is bringing you down and closing you off from love. Even a good relationship can thrive from couples coaching. 

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Personal development

Release limiting beliefs, hold yourself accountable and move from a space of surviving to thriving. Set goals, create your tribe, find your passions and live life with intention.

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Abundance coaching

Getting clear on what lights you up, what your gifts are and why you're here. Make heart centred goals and choices and take action to create the life and abundance you dream of.

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I always call Derek, “The Master of Abundance,” because for years I’ve watched him let go of what no longer serves, step into his power and manifest and create EVERYTHING he desires. He inspires me on a daily basis and is never afraid to be open, honest, and sometimes blunt, let’s face it, sometimes that is needed.

If you are looking to up-level your life, become a master manifestor, hold yourself accountable, grow, evolve, or work on your relationship - I highly recommend his services!
— Alanna Ketler
While working with Derek he was able to help me uncover some deeply rooted feelings that had been alluding me for some time. I thank him for enlightening me and giving me the confidence to move forward in my business and in my life with the new found skills he helped me uncover.
— Nikicia Staches