Relationship Coaching

Even a good relationship can thrive from coaching together.

There used to be a stigma about counselling, coaching, and therapy, but now people know it's actually a powerful choice and valuable tool.We invest in our homes, our education and many things that mean nothing at the end of the day. So why don't we invest in the person and relationship we spend the most time with? What if we made a decision to show up differently? 

Often when I work with couples, we need to get clear on where things are feeling out of alignment for each partner. From there it's clear what agreements and choices are working, and which are not. It can be easy to have our 'blinders' up and the ability to see into ourselves and see our relationship is difficult. What can be an even bigger challenge, is to truly see ourselves in a relationship.

Projecting our own shit onto each other is another thing that causes unhealthy divides. I provide a safe space for you two to explore what's triggering you, where you want to see growth and how we can create new agreements that allow you to feel respected heard, loved and joyful together.

Not every couple needs to stay together either and that is a hard choice to make in life. Letting someone go is confusing, hard, sad, and unknown. I'm here to get really clear with you two so you can make a choice to stay together or let each other go and know you've made the right decision.

Our sessions can be held together, apart, or a combination of solo calls and couple calls. We can make these agreements together during our consultation call.

Conscious Uncoupling

Sometimes love isn't enough and things didn't turn out the way you planned. In this case it can be helpful to work with a coach to assist in a conscious uncoupling. Let's skip the lawyer and all the negative energies and financial loss that comes along with that ball game, shall we?