Relationship Coaching

Even a good relationship can thrive from coaching together.

Up-level your love

Investing in your relationship is such a powerful choice. We invest in our homes and our education, and we spend money on countless things that really mean little at the end of the day. So why not invest in ourselves and our relationships? What if we made a decision to show up differently? 

When I work with couples, we start by getting clear on what's working and where things are feeling out of alignment for each partner. From here it's clear what agreements and choices are working, and which are not. It can be easy to have our 'blinders' up, and the ability to see into ourselves within a relationship can be difficult. Projecting our own shit onto our partners causes unhealthy divides and stunts our personal growth. I provide a safe space for us to explore what's triggering you, where you want to see growth and how we can create new agreements that allow you to feel respected, heard, loved, and joyful together.

Conscious Uncoupling

Not every couple is meant to stay together and that is a difficult choice to face. Letting someone go can be a confusing, challenging, and foreign process. I'm here to get really clear with you two so you can make a powerful choice to create a thriving relationship and stay together, or make a conscious choice to let each other go, knowing that you've looked at every angle and made the right decision.

Sometimes love isn't enough and maybe things didn't turn out the way you had planned. In this case it can be helpful to work with a coach to assist in a 'conscious uncoupling'. A conscious uncoupling is a mutual decision to release one another with love, bringing ease to a challenging time.

I will work with you to create agreements and action plans that serve the two of you and honour what has taken place to arrive in the current space you're both in. Life takes us down unexpected paths but it's important to trust in how things have unfolded. Regardless of how scary things may seem right now, you are both being taken care of. This is just the beginning for you.

Let's Work together

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