What is Quantum Sound Therapy?

Quantum Sound Therapy is an award-winning software and technology that synergizes sound therapy and scalar energy instruments to uplift your mind, mood, and environment. The technology works with a personal voice sample from you to create a set of personalized meditation tones that raise your frequency and realign your energy, clearing away EMF's and balancing the vibration of your home.

The technology uses the power of your own voice to help you dissolve the stories that run your life. What's a story? "I'm not good enough." "I'm destined to be alone." "I'm afraid of what other's think of me." Whether you are aware of your own stories or not, these common belief patterns are what keep us from sharing our light with the world. These stories take root in our subconscious mind and keep us from living a life full of joy, courage, peace, emotional balance, and fulfillment. 

There are many ways to spiritual and emotional liberation, such as doing deep shadow work, meditation, and healing modalities of all sorts. Some of these processes might work for one person but not the next, and in reality they might take years to witness true transformation. 

Your voice is unlike any other voice on the planet. In fact, your voice is more individualized than your own thumbprint. It carries with it a map of the entire energetic blueprint of an individual. Every time you emit sound frequencies, you broadcast all aspects of your emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. Your core patterns, as well as your emotional strengths and weaknesses are reflected in the voice. 

Quantum Sound Therapy is a company that has spent over 40 years developing tools and technologies to accurately measure the information carried in the voice. Through their award-winning voice analysis software, we are able to accurately capture the unique information carried in each voice. Then, through analyzing over a billion bits of data, the technology is able to produce a set of personal frequencies. 


My Story with sound therapy

I have worked with Quantum Sound for a few years now but more so as of 2017 when Jeff & I purchased our own technology to work with. In the past we had worked with others who owned this powerful equipment but were eventually drawn to purchase it ourselves and start facilitating the practice with our own clients.

For one, having my own set of tones to balance out any frequencies in my body and energy field have radically shifted many aspects of my life. Furthermore, they pretty much do most of the work for you, all you have to do is listen to the tones. Meditation never worked for me, I thought it was boring and nearly impossible to shut my mind off. With the tones, they usually knock me right out, into the deepest state of rest that I have ever experienced.

Each set of tones is about 27 minutes in length and are best listened to through high quality earphones. I usually play them as soon as I open my eyes in the morning to help wake up and get my day off to a positive start. I also find that around 3-4pm I benefit from some contemplative space and will usually listen to my tones again at this time. For me it's been a great way to transition from the busy go-go-go of the work day and into a more gentle and present evening.

The technology works in miraculous ways and I can't say enough good things about what they have done for me and my tribe. You can keep a set of tones as long as you feel they are working for you. I find I like to do a new set of tones once a month to keep things moving but we have friends and clients that keep theirs for 3-4 months before feeling the need to send a new voice sample.

If you are interested in having your own set of tones, please click the link to my offerings page here: