Am I in the right relationship?

Have you ever thought this to yourself? Maybe when times get rough, or you're not as sexually attracted to your partner? I believe in full transparency and asking ourselves the difficult questions that some like to hide from at all costs. Even if things aren't on the rocks, what's the harm in asking yourself an honest and valid question? Is this relationship serving me in my highest good?

Being clear and checking in with yourself is a powerful tool to create a deeper and more sacred connection. Thoughts of doubt can seep into our actions and words which then have an impact on our relationships, so it's important to be mindful of our thoughts and create the space we need to find clarity for ourselves.

Below are some questions to reflect on if you've been wondering if your relationship is the right one or not.


A sign of a great partner is that they celebrate your successes and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Long story short, you mirror one another! Getting along, having a great time, and being attracted to each other are all very necessary elements to a thriving relationship, but so is truly showing up for one another. If we're not challenging each other to be our best selves, are we truly thriving and serving each other in our highest good?

Challenging one another doesn’t mean arguing or fighting; It means being transparent, honest, and open to hearing your partner out on what they have to say with an open mind. My partner and I constantly check in with each other on our emotions, goals, the relationship, and anything else going on for us at the time.


It’s important to keep physical intimacy alive, although a relationship should not be built around it, it’s a strong energetic exchange that keeps you feeling connected on another level. Sometimes this might be the string that holds you two together through a difficult time.


You respect and admire your parter for who they truly are; mind, body and soul. There is no judgement or no secrecy, but transparency and love.


You have trust in your partner and don't project your insecurities onto them. You allow your partner the space to explore other friendships and celebrate them creating experiences outside of your relationship. When you're in love, you don’t fear unfavourable outcomes. You are not consumed with feelings of doubt and you want to see your partner thrive.


We often forget that we are two separate beings living two separate experiences. We have agreed to be together but we don’t have ownership over the other and we don’t have expectations of our partners. You allow your partner to just be, you receive anything your partner has to offer as a gift rather than expecting it of them.


If you read through this article and felt that your relationship could improve, that some aspect of you is feeling out of alignment, then maybe it’s time to make some new agreements together. Most of the time our partners are unaware of what it is that we need. Sometimes a simple conversation can spark a new and exciting time in the relationship.

I work with couples in relationships to build new agreements, stop projecting their own personal 'shit' at each other, and choose a life of joy to create abundance in all aspects of their life together. 

Much love,