One practice to help shift our relationships

There is no one quick fix to health, vitality, abundance, or a thriving relationship. In my experience we achieve these states of impeccable and abundant alignment through daily practices and various forms of healing.

One of these practices is the act of gratitude in all aspects of our life, but in our relationships especially. If you are familiar with the different love languages you will know that we all show and receive our love in different ways: 

  • Words of affirmation - Telling or being told we are special, beautiful, heard, or seen.
  • Quality time - Giving or receiving undivided attention.
  • Gifts - Giving or receiving of gifts. Who doesn't like a little surprise, right?
  • Acts of service - Having the dishes cleaned, dinner made, laundry folded, tasks done for us...
  • Physical touch - You may have all the other love languages shown to you daily, but if your main love language is personal touch and you're not receiving as much as you would like, you will likely feel unloved.

    Gratitude would fall under the 'words of affirmation' love language. We all resonate with each love language on some level, that's what makes us human, but there is generally one primary love language that we resonate with more deeply. Which is your love language?

HOW Gratitude has SERVED ME

At our core level we all desire to feel loved, respected, and thanked for our efforts and gratitude is the most simple way to show that we see and feel the efforts of those we love. In my own relationship, gratitude is one of the many practices and intentions we use daily to support each other and grow our love.

My partner reacts so strongly to words of affirmation and gratitude that I would be insane not to honour him in his preferred love language. The simplest act of service can be honoured by gratitude and their simple service then becomes a gift and a building of love between the two of us.


If your relationship isn't quite there yet in expressing gratitude or other ways in which you choose to express your love, don't wait for your partner to join you in starting. Eventually, if you are speaking your truth and expressing your gratitude and love, your partner, parent, child, or friend will be inspired to follow, simply based on the way your actions have made them feel. But, don’t do it to inspire them to change. Do it so you are speaking your truth and being your authentic self (which is always love). 

If you're authentic in expressing your gratitude, others will feel that and the shifts will begin to take place in the relationship on a conscious and even subconscious level.

Much love,