My Mission

My mission is to support others in stepping into the highest version of themselves. Holding the space for you to get clear on your gifts and your strongest desires, understanding and clearing the stories and limiting beliefs that you've created and choose heart centred goals that are in alignment with your souls essence.

I'm an international certified life coach and have apprenticed with some of the best coaches and mentors in North America. I am committed to a path of personal growth and development so I can be the best me and share my gifts with the world.

My Story

I'm Derek, I'm passionate about authentic connection, personal development, my partner, being of service to my clients, being creative, nature and sustainability, nourishing my body, and the list goes on really, so I'll stop there.

I live life with intention every day. To be more fulfilled, purpose-driven, joyful and abundant. I hold myself accountable, but don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of shit, and still do at times! I am human! 

My partner and I have experienced many highs, lows, and everything in between over our 10 years together. Every day we make a choice to love one another. Choosing to be in a relationship is a choice, one that brings me the most beautiful, joyful and connecting experiences and one that mirrors the hell out of me and forces me to be seen when I just want to hide. We've called upon support from mentors and coaches on our journey together and they helped us to gain new perspectives, shed old stories and create new agreements. Their support and perspectives were game changers in truly understanding each other, and ourselves for that matter. 

I started my coaching path in 2014 while living in Toronto but chose to take a step back to focus on myself first. I needed space to really feel into what I was wanting out of my life. In this time, my partner and I decided it was time to move back to B.C, where we came from. Back to nature, close to family and a simpler way of life.

Part of the reason I took some space from coaching was that I felt I needed to express myself creatively. I love to be of service, and I know that it my life's mission. But I also uncovered that my soul desires to be creative and expressing myself through creativity allows me to be a better coach and mentor.

Once we moved to beautiful Victoria B.C, I opened a business called Horror Escape. I know, a relationship and abundance coach that owns a horror attraction. Doesn't seem like they fit together do they? Well the truth is, we create whatever life we want to, and I did just that! Now I have a successful business that allows me to express my creative side, and I get to be of service to my clients around the world. I've had to master time blocking and vision setting my week to have success in both of my ventures but now I have the best of both worlds.

I learnt and grew more in 3 years of building a business than I could have ever expected. That experience is what lead me to know that abundance is a key part of my mission. Helping my tribe and my clients understand that they can have whatever life they dream of. There really isn't any cap on what amount of money you can make or any limitations of what you can create in your life.

I have created everything I could have dreamt of and I continue to do so as I feel inspired to take action. I'm passionate about helping others manifest their deepest desires and shareing the practices that have allowed me to thrive.